Mother's Day for mom's and children

Love Society host and annual Mother’s Day event for mom’s and children in need.  This special event gives mom’s  some much needed relaxation time, shows them they are loved, and allows their children to make special Mother’s Day gifts. Traditionally this event is a pop-up Spa day, filled with massages, facials, manicures, paraffin dips and more. When the moms arrive at the pop-up spa they are served desserts, fruit and tea or coffee.  After their spa treatments they are gifted our signature Love Bag FILLED with amazing, quality items!  Lunch is served and they are reunited with their children where they are presented gifts that they have made for them.  


Love Society host an annual BACK-TO-SCHOOL event for underprivileged children.  The day is filled with so much fun! The kids are able to enjoy arts and crafts, face painting, haircuts, professional school photos, lunch, popcorn, cotton candy, ice-cream truck and so more.  After all the fun they are able to shop for their own backpack, school supplies and clothes. This event not only prepares them for the school year, but also shows them the community loves.  Each year we have about 60 volunteers that show up to host this amazing event! 

Foster Christmas

Love Society’s holiday give is to teenage foster kids and Foster Kids that are aging out of the system.  Our hope to to show these children that they are not forgot, the community LOVES and cares for them.   All the children receive our signature LOVE BAG, Christmas gifts from their wish-list ,clothes and more.  This year for the 1st time we will be hosting a private Christmas party for foster kids that are aging out of the system.  They will enjoy a holiday dinner, crafts, movie and more.