Heart of Gold

Love Society is committed to filling as many LOVE BAGS as we can to help children rescued from human trafficking, foster children, children living in poverty and mother’s in need. Each one of our LOVE BAGS cost between $100-$150 per person. These LOVE BAGS will not only make them feel welcome and loved, it will relieve some pressure from organizations from having to obtaining these items on their own.

We are asking you to walk along side us, will you become a HEART OF GOLD monthly member? You can donate anywhere between $10-$500 a month, individuals or as a business. All monthly members receive discounts on all our events.

Heart of Gold

We believe everyone has a HEART OF GOLD. You want to make a difference in the world, but how? This question is exactly why we created this campaign! Every month you will be helping someone get back on their feet! Donate $25 a month to receive discounts on all our events.